Digital business card

We all have so many contact details nowadays. From phone, to email and no end of social media accounts, there are multiple ways we present ourselves to the world we work within. More than ever we need to manage our personal brand.

Our digital business card is the perfect way to capture all your personal details and your top line bio in a professional and engaging online format.

You can easily send the link to others or include it within your email footer for easy access.

Setting the right tone for you as a ‘brand’ from the off, your contacts will know exactly how to reach you. You can also tailor messaging to promote you or your desired products and services.

Our digital business card

is just
£ 39
per year with
a £10 signup fee
  • Increased Follow-Ups
  • Personalised QR code
  • Sustainable Alternative
  • Contactless and Germ-Proof
  • Bulk pricing available for larger organisations